How Do I Transfer or Assign My Account to Someone Else?

DonationMatch Support -

If you need someone else to take over management of your DonationMatch account and only have one nonprofit or business profile attached to it, you may transfer the account yourself by completing BOTH of these two steps:

1) Transferring login credentials: Go to "My Account" to update and save the name/email address of this account's new owner. You may also change the password (look for the "Password" button there), or let them reset it when logging in for the first time.

2) Updating your organization's profile: Check "My Profile" to update any default contact information for your organization.

Be sure you log out after making changes and share the login information you set with the new account holder.

If he/she needs any help, we can be reached through the green "Help/?" button on our pages or via email at

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