How are Nonprofit Profiles Verified?

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Once a nonprofit profile is submitted, the DonationMatch verification team will independently confirm that:

  • The EIN (U.S.) or BN (Canada) submitted is accurate and matches your organization name
  • Your organization is recognized as exempt by the IRS (U.S.) or registered with Canada Revenue Agency (Canada)
  • You are an authorized representative of the organization (staff member or authorized by one)
  • Your organization's website is live and complete

Please make sure that your website and email address are accurate as we use these for verification and tracking.

If you are a staff member, using a work email that matches your organization's website is the quickest way to get your account approved. As a volunteer, providing the work email of a staff member that matches the organization's website will shorten verification time as well. 

If we are unable to verify any of this information online, you will be notified via email with a request for further information. 

For further details regarding the verification process, please see our other Help article:

How Long Does It Take for a Nonprofit Profile to Be Verified?


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