How are Nonprofit Profiles Verified?

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Once a nonprofit profile is submitted for review, we independently confirm that:

  • The EIN (in the U.S.) or BN (in Canada) is correct
  • The organization is recognized as exempt by the IRS (in the U.S.) or that the charity can be found in CRA Charity Listings (in Canada)
  • The account holder is authorized to solicit donations on behalf of the organization--most easily done if staff members use their work emails, or by providing a staff member's work email for verification purposes
  • The website is functional
  • Content is appropriate

Verification and any required outreach is done using online searches and email for tracking purposes, so it is important that websites and email addresses be checked for accuracy.

If for any reason we are not able to verify any necessary information, you will be notified by email with reasons and other options for verification.

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