What is a Campaign?

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A DonationMatch Campaign is an automated process you may set to manage your responses to requests and/or make offers to events on your behalf, based on criteria you set within each campaign.

There are 3 types of campaigns you may set:

  • Alerts - Send you an email summary when events meeting your campaign criteria are added
  • Approve Requests - Approve requests that meet your campaign criteria, which can be stricter than your item criteria
  • Make Offers & Approve Requests - Offer your item to events that meet your campaign criteria, in addition to approving requests from events that meet your campaign criteria

Campaigns can run on your choice of frequency: daily, weekly, or monthly

Campaign criteria available include the same filters as you see in your item profile filters, in addition to being able to set campaign limits (per week, per month, or per campaign total.)

Campaigns will not affect your ability to manually approve and/or offer items on your own.

Have more questions or would like assistance setting up a campaign? We're happy to help! Just email us at support@donationmatch.com

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