Do Companies Have Access to My Contact Information?

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Member companies within the DonationMatch network do not have access to nonprofit contact information you provide within our system until:

  • You submit a request
  • You accept their offer

The information they receive may vary based on an item's delivery method or company follow-up process. These can be found on each item's request page prior to making a request or accepting an offer. 

To facilitate donation request review, product delivery, and/or tracking donations, companies may have access to the following information:

Nonprofit Application/Organization Profile - All information submitted except account holder email and Staff Contact Email. Most commonly needed for making decisions based on organizational data and tracking tax-deductible donations.

Event Profile - All information submitted except event shipping address, which is only shared for items that will be mailed/shipped to you.

Matches - Workflow status, such as whether a certificate has been downloaded for printing


These policies do not apply if you provide your contact information yourself to companies yourself through private messages, account signatures, any profile descriptions, external form submissions, or by email. 

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