Will I Have Access to a Larger Donation Catalog if I Upgrade?

DonationMatch Support -

We at DonationMatch do not hide items based on your account being free or upgraded, as there are availability criteria set by donor companies that we cannot circumvent, so upgrading does not give you access to items for which you otherwise would not already qualify.

However, upgraded events statistically have a 3x higher approval rate than non-upgraded events, potentially due to their requests being highlighted to donor companies and ability to exceed the free account match limit. Also, a Pro Annual upgrade allows you to post more events and request items for them at the same time, which not only saves time, but may also contribute to higher approval rates due to timing of when donors have items to donate, which may fluctuate.

Another benefit is the one-on-one event expert call, which enables us to draw upon our 15+ years of fundraising event planning to provide direct feedback on anything event-related you wish to talk about, including your DonationMatch event listing, event marketing, event timeline, donation letters and strategy, and much more. 

We are always working on bringing more companies into our network to ensure upgrades are beneficial and have positive ROI. Despite the fact that we cannot predict how companies will respond and when they will have inventory available, we offer a money-back guarantee on upgrades, as seen on our pricing page (https://www.donationmatch.com/np-pricing). This is our way of ensuring you feel like you received value from the upgrade.

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