What Does the "Oops, something went wrong" Error Message Mean?

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If you encounter an "Opps, something went wrong" error, one of the following may be the cause:

Multiple accounts

You clicked a link that belongs to one of your organization profiles, but you were already logged in to DonationMatch with another profile.

To Solve:

  1. Using the dropdown arrow Screen_Shot_2017-05-18_at_6.43.49_AM.png in the upper right corner next to the organization name, select the name of the organization to which the link pertains. This will switch you to that profile.
  2. Click on the link again.


Out-of-date bookmarks

You bookmarked a specific web page for something that no longer exists. 


Deleted or cancelled request, offer, or match

You received a notification for, or an invitation to, an item or event that was later deleted.


Other issues

If you received this error message and are certain that none of the above situations apply, please send us a Help request at nonprofitsupport@donationmatch.com so that we may assist you. 

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