How Do I Export My Donation Data?

DonationMatch Support -

With a an Event or Annual upgrade, you have the ability to export tab-delimited files (.tab) of all confirmed donor and donation details. These files are able to be opened and edited with MS Excel and other spreadsheet applications and include contact information you can use to send receipts for tax-deductible donations.

To export this data, go to My Events and click Export Data next to the event name.

If you plan to promote donors using their logos, be sure to secure permission first--you may send a private message to each company whose logo you wish to use. Once permission is granted, the easiest way to download logos from our system is through the My Matches area--select the "Matched" tab, make sure you have the right event selected, and you should be able to right-click on each logos in your list to save to your computer. 
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