How Do I Thank Companies From Whom I've Received Donations Through DonationMatch?

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If you are an upgraded user (Pro Event or Pro Annual), you have the ability to export lists of received donation details and donor companies' contact information. Simply go to your "My Events" tab and click on the "Export" button for the event. 

If you have a free account, you have limited access to companies' contact information in our system, but may ask for it by directly messaging a donor. Or, you may send them a thank you note as a the direct message. 

The majority of companies we work with are happy to support organizations like yours and prefer you not spend the time or money on thank you letters. Instead, a public social media shout-out/thank you is preferred (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), which is why we forward you a cheat sheet for doing so prior to your event. Just about every company also appreciates recognition by digital means such as mentions in email newsletters, websites, social media, and any collateral for the event.  

As a bonus, thanking donors publicly is a very important step of being a good partner and may even help you secure more items in the future when potential donors see that you actively promote generous companies. 


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