How Long Does It Take for a Nonprofit Profile to Be Approved?

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For your protection and DonationMatch donor company requirements, DonationMatch performs due diligence to verify the exempt organization status and contact information of individuals managing nonprofit profiles. Exempt organizations are checked using:

Initial review and response typically happens within two (2) business days of submission, but the process may take longer if we are unable to find the applicant's contact information on publicly available sites and must wait for a response from the organization's staff.

You may assist us by making sure that:
• Your contact information is visible on your organization's website (a website is required)
• The nonprofit maintains its exempt organization status with the IRS or registration with Canada Revenue Agency
• The nonprofit's website is updated and publicly available
• Leaders and staff of the nonprofit are prepared to respond to any fact-checking inquiries

If you do not receive either an approval email or a response within two business days, it is possible that our email may have ended up in your spam folder--please check that first. If further account support is needed, feel free to send us an email at

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