How Do We Use DonationMatch If We Have Third-Party Fundraisers?

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If you are a staff member of a nonprofit and manage others (individuals, groups, auxiliaries, etc) that fundraise on your behalf, you may:

  • Tell your third-party fundraisers about DonationMatch for finding in-kind donations for your benefit. If they provide your email address as the staff contact on the application, we will contact you confirm their authorization to solicit donations on your organization's behalf. Without your email address we will use the website they provide to find any staff email. 
  • Use our Enterprise plan to oversee all fundraisers for your organization. This allows you the unique ability to authorize/de-authorize accounts using your EIN as well as get aggregated reports for all donations solicited and received by your organization on DonationMatch.

More information about plans for nonprofits can be see here


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