How Do I Transfer or Deactivate My Account?

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To prevent your organization from losing access to your account's activity history as well as any grandfathered benefits, we suggest transferring an account instead of deactivating it.

To transfer your account to someone else in the same organization when you only have one organization profile in your login/account, you may log in, go to "My Account," and simply change the email address  and contact name. Other areas to review and/or update are "My Profile" and active listings of events (if a nonprofit) or items (if a donor company), in case contact information has changed.

Once the new account owner's email address is on the account, you may ask them to go to and reset the password on their first visit.

If you manage profiles of multiple organizations and only want to transfer one, please contact us at with details, and our technical team will assist in transferring one profile to another user. 

If your account needs to be deactivated permanently due to closure, loss of tax-exempt status (if nonprofit), or other reasons please email us at, and we will be happy to assist you.

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