How Do I Add My Event and Begin Making Requests?

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Once your nonprofit profile is approved, you are able to list an event and request items for it. Free accounts may publish one event at a time and request up to 2 items per day. Upgrading any event will allow another event to be added at the same time and remove the limit on daily requests for the upgraded event. 
To Add A New Event:
  1. Click on the green Add a New Event button in the TO DO area of your dashboard OR click on My Events (left menu bar), then Add New Event
  2. Complete all required fields 
  3. Save the event as "Published" if you wish to immediately start seeking donations. Otherwise you may save it as a draft to complete later. 

Once published, click on Find Donations (left menu bar) to browse items available to you. Click on the image to see details, then click the "Request" button on each item's details page to send your request to the company's decision-maker.

To make any changes or updates to your event, you may either click on the event name from your dashboard, or click on the name in My Events and then Edit.



IMPORTANT: If you are adding an event for a different organization,  you will need to add a new organization to your account to ensure the donation records are attributed correctly. This can be done by clicking on the downward facing arrow in the upper right corner of the website, next to your current organization's name, then selecting "Add an Organization..."

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