Subscription Boxes: How is DonationMatch Better Than Advertising a Free Box?

DonationMatch Support -

There are several important differences between using DonationMatch and giving out codes through ads to get new subscribers:
  • If you already receive emails, calls, and communications re: donations of subscriptions for events, our system makes vetting and responding seamless.
  • Perceived value: Giving out free codes may lower the perceived value of your product. Positioned as a donation to an event, you minimize the "discount" effect.
  • Reach: Leverage events to get exposure to hundreds of potential customers at a time with a single gift. On DonationMatch you can even use the type of event, attendance, location, demographics, and/or ticket price as criteria to target who may receive your item.
  • Cost: DonationMatch can be used for free, so your cost can be limited to what it costs you to fulfill giveaways and convert them into paid subscribers.
  • Socially positive exposure: Your company is visibly associated with community support when you donate goods to events. It's a win-win for both the organization and you!
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