Does My Item Have to be Available to All Nonprofits?

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No, we certainly don't want you to be flooded with more requests than you want, and you always have the option to approve or decline any request. (Don't be afraid to say no. Our goal is to help you grow, not give everything away.)

When setting up your item listing, you have two visibility options:

"VISIBLE" means it can it be seen by nonprofits with events. Choose this if you welcome requests for this item, want others to see that you are a charitable company, and/or don't have time or a Champion plan that allows you to reach out to events yourself. (Upgraded accounts will be able to filter this visibility by event characteristics and nonprofit demographics.)

"HIDDEN" means no one can find your item, which leaves it up to you to offer it when desired. 

These settings are unique to each listing. Some companies with multiple items make their usual item visible, then hide a premium item so they can easily offer it when an extra special event comes along. (i.e. a visible $50 Restaurant Gift Certificate, and a hidden Kitchen Tour with 4-Course Dinner for 8).

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