I Created My Account and Added My Company Profile. What's Next?

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Once you've told us who you are and all about your company, the last step in finishing your profile is to add a donation/item listing.

What you list should be based on two factors: 1) What you can afford to give on a regular basis, and 2) What attracts new and returning customers. 


  • Gift certificates and gift cards bring visitors to your establishment or website for redemption and can result in additional purchases.
  • Physical products attract attention at events and are especially important if your product "needs to be seen and touched."
  • "Priceless" packages can elevate the level of promotion your company gets. A behind-the-scenes tour, special visit, or VIP experience not normally for sale will often raise more for the nonprofit, and this incentivizes them to promote your package and your company. Be creative, and you can likely create a package like this at little or no cost. Some restaurants even set aside a special VIP table or appointment for these year-round. 

Once decided, click on "MY ITEMS", click on the "ADD NEW ITEM" link, and follow the prompts. Upload a photo and description that "sells" your item to new customers (this is your chance to elevate your brand!)  

If you'd like additional help and tips, ask us! We're happy to use our 15+ years of charitable auction experience as donors, auction chairs, and bidders to share what we've seen work best.


To target events for promotion, click on “Find Events” and set filters for your desired criteria. Click on the names of an interesting event to see its information, and your available item(s) will be displayed. Simply check the box(es) next to the item(s) you wish to offer, and "Offer" your package. When they respond, you'll get an email from us. 

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