I Am an Event Planner Working on Multiple Events For Different Organizations. Do I Need to Create a New Account for Each Client Separately?

DonationMatch Support -

Because our member companies require that we validate each nonprofit account (both contact and tax-exempt status), separate accounts DO need to be created for each organization (please don't register with your own SSN/TIN). However, to simplify access, you may set up the accounts with the same email address, and they will be linked, allowing you to easily switch between them without having to log in separately. We suggest professional event consultants use DonationMatch this way to help their clients. 

If after an event is done you are no longer working for an organization, you may transfer the account to the organization's staff member simply by changing the email address/name on the account. This keeps account activity accessible to the organization in case they need the information for tax purposes, audits, or to plan another event.

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