How Do I Make My Event More Appealing to Donor Companies on DonationMatch?

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A number of factors determine what you are eligible to request through our site, including event type, location, date, ticket price, attendance, and more.  As you can imagine, most companies don't have the capacity to approve every request, and so they focus their giving on specific audience types. If you are not seeing a company, the most likely reason is that your event does not meet their desired criteria. 
What are common criteria? If you look at it from the marketing perspective of a company, the first goal is to find a good product/audience fit to create the most benefit for both sides. Make sure you clearly define who will attend (with available demographics) and utilize all available means of promotion (emails, website, print, social media) to thank and promote donors. They notice, and as your organization gets rated better both in and out of the DonationMatch system, the more attractive your events will look.
Important to note is that upgrading your event/account will NOT "unlock" more items. However, upgraded events are highlighted to companies, (all things being equal) are given first priority for automated product offers, and statistically have received 2-3x more items than non-upgraded events.  
Not all companies/brands are visible, so make sure that you don't miss any offers by adding to your email address book. Some offers will limited in quantity and distributed on a first come, first served basis.
If you were given a referral code, it may be required in order to request a particular company's item. To ensure a code is added to our account, go to "My Account" and click on "Add Referral Code."
One characteristic of the most attractive events is a logo or image for both your organization AND your event. Without these, your event listing may not stand out. If you already have well-known sponsors, by all means add this to your image or description, as well as a link to your event registration page. Anything that can demonstrate how popular and well-liked your organization is in your local community will help companies want to align with you.
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