How Do I Make My Event More Appealing to Donor Companies on DonationMatch?

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Many factors determine the items you are eligible to request through DonationMatch. These include event type, location, date, ticket price, attendance, and more. Most companies don't have the capacity to approve every request so they focus their giving on specific audiences. If you are not seeing a company, most likely your event does not meet their desired criteria.
Here are some quick tips on how to tailor your event page to maximize results.
1. Upload your logo
If you haven’t already, make sure to upload your organization’s logo to your profile page. On your event page, you can replace your standard logo with a themed graphic for your event if you have one. Adding logos is an easy but important step on DonationMatch. It differentiates your event listing and lends credibility to your organization.
2. State your request at the top
While you can select your donation uses when setting up your event page, it never hurts to reiterate them. This is especially true if you have checked the "Other" option. Start with a direct ask for the types of donations you need and their intended use in the Event Details section.
3. Use bullet points
Try using bullet points instead of a traditional solicitation letter. Remember, companies don’t want to read through lengthy letters. That's why they join DonationMatch! Bullet points help businesses quickly scan to determine if your organization is a good match.
Bullet points are great for listing:
  • Examples of items you would like donated
  • Event details such as number of expected guests and planned activities
  • Specific programs or services that your organization provides
  • Past and current sponsors (Some companies are more likely to give to organizations that have secured other reputable corporate donors.)
4. Make it visually appealing
There are many formatting options to customize the look of your Event Details. Yet, most organizations don't take advantage of these. Be creative with headers, fonts, and colors to draw attention to key information. If your event has a signature color scheme, try using that palette on your event page too.
5. Include external hyperlinks
We get it—your organization does amazing work and you want to share that with potential donors! But it can be easy to clutter your event page with too much information. Keep things concise by including external hyperlinks. This way, companies can easily learn more about your organization if they want to. Event websites, sizzle reels, and photo galleries from previous years make great links.
6. Be specific about your audience
From a marketing perspective, it is important to find a good product/audience fit. This creates the most benefit for both the organization and the donor company. Make sure to define who will attend your event using the demographic options. It is also best practice to select all available means of promotion to your audience. This will make your event more attractive to companies seeking exposure.
Additional Notes
Not all companies/brands are visible. Make sure that you don't miss any offers by adding to your email address book. Some offers are limited in quantity and distributed on a first come, first served basis.
If you were given a referral code, it may be required to request a particular company's item. To ensure a code is added to your account, go to "My Account" and click on "Add Referral Code."
It is important to note that upgrading your event/account will NOT "unlock" more items. However, upgraded events are highlighted to donor companies, given first priority for automated product offers, and typically receive 2-3x more items than non-upgraded events.
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