How Do I Change the Tax ID/Organization on My Nonprofit Profile?

DonationMatch Support -

If you have stopped working on behalf of one organization and using DonationMatch on behalf of another, you will need to create a new DonationMatch nonprofit profile for the new organization and close the profile for the old one.

As stated in our Terms of Service, each profile belongs to the organization for which you are soliciting items. Every event in a particular profile must be for the benefit of the same organization whose Tax ID is listed, because the Tax ID is given to donor companies for tax reporting purposes. 

If you only have one organization profile in our account, you may choose to transfer your entire account to someone else working for the same nonprofit by going to "My Account" and changing the email address, password, and contact information to theirs.

If you manage profiles of multiple organizations and only want to transfer one, please contact us at with details, and our technical team will assist in transferring one profile to another user. 



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