Step-by-Step: How To Secure In-Kind Donations for Events on DonationMatch

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There are 3 steps to securing a donation from donors for whom we are a donation portal:

  1. Validation - we ensure you are an authorized representative of an exempt organization with a valid website
  2. Event information - you submit details about the event you are holding at which the donation will be used
  3. Requesting the donation - donations for which you qualify in our system will be visible as soon as you add your event information through Find Donations; you may choose which to request. 

Donor companies make their own decisions, so once a request is submitted, we wait for their response. If approved, their donation will be fulfilled according to what is stated on the donation details page.



Create a DonationMatch Login: Go to and click the "Sign Up" button in the upper right corner. Enter your name, email (use an organizational email address, if possible), and password in order for us to be able to save your application information and forward it to donors.

Add Your Organization Profile: Select the "Nonprofit" option to create a profile on behalf of the organization for which you are soliciting donations. (If this is not your first profile in our system, you can use the downward facing arrow in the upper right corner and select "Add New Organization" from the dropdown menu). Complete all required information (indicated by an asterisk *) and submit it for review. Once submitted, our nonprofit verification team will confirm your organization's exempt status and number, website, and your authorization to solicit donations using the EIN (or BN in Canada). You will receive a notification by email if we are able to approve your profile OR a request for more information, typically within 5 business days.

Submit Event Details: Once approved, click "Add an Event" on your dashboard to provide information about the event for which you are seeking donations. This information is used by donor companies to make decisions, sometimes deciding between hundreds of requests, so be as thorough and accurate as possible to stand out positively. (Grammar and spelling do matter!)

Access Your Donation Catalog & Request Donations: Once your event is added, click "Find Donations" in the left menu bar to see what you are eligible for. It may take a few moments for your donation catalog to populate the first time. Find an item you are interested in to see its terms and details, then select a quantity (if needed) and click "Request Item" to send a request; your organization and event information will be automatically forwarded to donor companies with the request for their response.

Publicly-available links, a.k.a. shortcuts, to companies not in our network are also provided as a courtesy. 

WAIT: It is up to each company's decision-maker to respond--be patient, as some may take weeks or months or only if it's a yes, depending on the timing of your request and their capacity. 

RECEIVE DONATIONS AND PROMOTE YOUR CONFIRMED DONORS: If a company approves your request, DonationMatch will notify you by email with delivery, pickup, or printing instructions. You can also see all your requests, offers, and responses in "My Matches." We encourage you to thank each donor publicly on your website, email newsletters, and/or social media. 


The number of requests you may send per day, items you may receive per event, and number of events you may work on at a time depend on the type of membership you have. Free members may have up to 3 requests approved for any number of events, but only work on one at a time with one request per day. There is no limit on offers you may accept and requests sent to companies who referred you to our system (via link or referral code used). If you are interested in more, please visit Upgrade Options to learn more about benefits and our money-back guarantee.

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