How Can I Get More Donations?

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If you  haven't recently looked in "Find Donations," start there and make sure there isn't anything else you'd like to request. Free accounts can send one request per day and make up to 3 matches per event for free (offers and referring companies are not counted toward this limit).

New companies may show up, or any may change their giving criteria, enabling you to see them for the first time. 

Some types of events and/or organizations do have a more difficult event securing items, and that will be the same case in DonationMatch as in the real world. We do not make decisions for companies. However, some things that we've seen tip decisions are:

  • Better event descriptions and fundraising stories, including images and photos
  • Explaining how you plan to promote donor companies, especially if your website shows how you already do this for existing donors
  • More descriptive and specific event name, i.e. instead of "Spring Gala" > "My Elementary School's Annual Parent Mixer and Spring Gala."

If you want more specific help with your event and marketing it, or even strategies for securing donations from companies not on DonationMatch, you may consider upgrading to a Pro membership which includes a 30-minute one-on-one event expert call. (Many members say that this benefit alone is worth the upgrade fee!)


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