How Can I Seek Donations for More Than One Event at a Time?

DonationMatch Support -

A free account lets you publish and solicit donations for one event at a time for the same organization. If you have multiple events to manage for the same entity, you may choose to:

A) Wait until the first event is done, then publish your next event.

B) Upgrade one event, which then enables you to publish another free/non-upgraded event listing.

C) Upgrade your entire profile for a year, which lets you publish any events for the same organization and request items without limits. 

Please keep in mind that upgrading your profile only applies upgrade benefits to events managed by you, i.e. using your login, and not other profiles managed by others, even if benefitting the same organization and using the same EIN.

If you stop working on behalf of the organization, you are welcome to transfer your account to someone else by changing the account email address and contact information in "My Account." If you have multiple organization profiles in the same account and wish to only transfer one, please contact us at, and we will assist you with this process.

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