How Do I Use DonationMatch Without a Nonprofit EIN? We Haven't Received Official Approval Yet.

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In the U.S.

If you are not yet an IRS-approved exempt organization but are able to partner with one to sponsor your fundraiser as a fiscal sponsor (i.e. be willing to provide tax receipts and direct funds to you), then you may apply using their organization EIN instead. To make verification easier, please forward the staff contact's name and email address to once you finish creating the nonprofit profile on our site.

If you are not able to find such a sponsor, please wait until your exempt organization status is approved to submit your application, because we will need to verify your EIN's exempt status prior to approving your profile.

In Canada

Please wait until your registration status is confirmed by Canada Revenue Agency prior to submitting your application.We need to be able to verify your registration status in CRA's Charity Listings prior to approving your profile.

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