What Does a "Cancelled" Item Status Mean?

DonationMatch Support -

You may see that an item with the status of "Cancelled" if:

  1. A donor company changed their mind and cancelled an offer.
  2. Limited quantities were available and already claimed by others first.
  3. You reached your limit for requests being approved as a free/starter level member, and the request was put on hold.
  4. Your event's donation deadline or event date passed, and no match was made (either you or the company failed to approve the match).

To upgrade an event and automatically reactivate requests you made prior to reaching your limit, go to "My Events" and click on the Upgrade button next to your event to see options.

To extend the amount of time you are able to receive offers and request donations, you may change the donation deadline in your event profile. If the event date was postponed and it is already past the original event date, please contact us at support@donationmatch.com so we can assist you. 

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