How Many Potential Donor Companies Will I Have Access To Inside DonationMatch?

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The number of companies visible to you inside DonationMatch can vary from event to event. Eligibility is based on a variety of factors set by participating companies themselves. Determining criteria often include location, type of event, audience demographics, and ticket price.

Some organizations have received more than 30 items ($25k+ value) for a single event. Others have only received a few. It is completely up to participating companies to decide which requests to approve.

There are also companies that choose to stay hidden in the product catalog. They may send offers to specific organizations so check your emails and messages. Sometimes these are of limited quantities given to first respondents or seasonal offerings.

For the effort it takes to complete a single donation request, you can reach numerous companies through DonationMatch. Many nonprofits consider us a no-brainer (their words, not ours). Get started today to maximize your exposure.

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