How do I Direct Incoming Donation Requests to DonationMatch?

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Now that you are in the DonationMatch network, you have the benefit of using our vetting and tracking services for all in-kind donation requests you receive. A simple way to let people know that charitable donations are available to request through DonationMatch is by posting a message on your social media account profiles and/or website's contact us page. Here are some examples:

Instead of having to screen every email, letter, and phone call yourself, we qualify applicants on your behalf so you can focus on decision-making, growing your business, and maximizing your results from community engagement. 
To tag and be able to identify any direct referrals, use the referral link you find in "Refer Friends" tab of the main menu when sending someone to DonationMatch. 
If you still receive individual asks, we have an easy way to send a quick "find us on DonationMatch" email--click on the "Receive a Request Letter?" button on your dashboard, add the requestor's email address, and hit "Send." Your referral link is automatically included in a friendly, one-time email (and we will not save the contact information). Feel free to test it out by sending one to yourself!
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