Is It Our Responsibility to Provide a Donation Receipt to Donors?

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Yes, as the recipient of the goods, your organization is responsible for providing their own receipts. 

As outlined in our terms of use, DonationMatch is a conduit/facilitator of these matches and do not solicit nor perform any fiduciary duties on behalf of any organization.  We do not currently provide a service that assists with creating and delivering donation receipts for donations. However, businesses do have access to a list of recipient organizations and your relevant information needed for donation documentation. This does not replace the responsibility of a nonprofit to provide a donation receipt, but for some of our member companies it is enough.

If you have any question about whether a company should be sent a receipt for a significant donation, please consult your organization's legal and financial advisors. If you wish to ask a company for their contact information or whether they would like a receipt, you may contact them via a direct message through your match record. This is done through "My Matches" > "Matched" and click on the item name, after which you will see a "New Direct Message" button near the top:



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