How Does DonationMatch Work for Businesses?

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Once you set up your company profile and add an item listing, leaders of events that meet the criteria you set, including those you refer to apply for your items through our system, will be able to find and request it. These requests will be saved in your account in "My Matches" > "Need Response," and we'll let you know through alerts on your dashboard and, if turned on, email notifications. 
You remain in control of what you give, when you respond, and to whom. Our system automatically tracks your responses; can e-deliver customized, printable gift certificates to events you approve; and retains your records for access at any time. 
If you see events that you wish to contact and offer your items, the ability to reach out to events is a benefit of a DonationMatch Champion (paid) subscription. With it, you can go to "Find Events" in your dashboard menu to see events that fit your item's criteria you set ( by location, ticket prices, attendance, demographics, etc.), click on any event name to see details, and click the "Offer" button to offer your package to them.  This will automatically alert the organization of your offer so they can respond. If accepted, you will be notified by email with any delivery instructions. 
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