Why Does It Say My Event is "Past Deadline"?

DonationMatch Support -

We ask for a delivery deadline for each event when you complete your event profile; this helps us know when you want to receive all donations and begin preparing them for your event and may compel companies to make decisions about your event sooner/on time. When this date is exceeded, it is considered "past deadline" in our system and can no longer request or accept donations. 

If your event reaches the deadline you set and you wish to continue being eligible for donations, you may update the deadline yourself, either by:

  • My Events > [Event Name] > Edit
  • Clicking on the event name from your dashboard > Edit

The delivery deadline is directly below your event end time.

Once updated to a date beyond the current date, you will be able to continue making requests. Any requests or offers that were previously cancelled due to the deadline will be reactivated at approximately 12:01am PST. 

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