How Do I Know if My Organization is Considered Exempt by the IRS? (USA Only)

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The Internal Revenue Code specifically refers to exemption from federal income tax.  An organization that is approved for this federal exemption is commonly referred to as an "exempt organization."

The easiest way to confirm your organization's IRS exempt status, including revoked status, is to do a "Tax Exempt Organization Search." These organizations will typically also receive a "Letter of Determination" when their tax exempt status is approved:

*Please note that this list only contains organizations the IRS deems eligible to receive tax-deductible donations. Certain eligible donees (i.e., churches, group ruling subordinates, and governmental units) may not be listed.

If not found, you may need to determine whether your organization falls under "certain eligible donees not listed" and, if needed, confirm  with a central organization (if a subordinate) that your EIN has been reported to the IRS as a part of their group.

Still not sure? 

Having an EIN (Employer Identification Number) does not indicate that a nonprofit organization has been recognized by the IRS as an exempt organization. Organizations that want to be recognized as exempt from Federal income tax must file Form 1023 or Form 1024, with limited exceptions. Information on the types of organizations that must apply, applying, instructions, forms, and how to verify exempt status of any organization online can be found at:

IRS exempt status is currently a requirement to receive donations on the DonationMatch platform. In cases of automatic exemption, any document from the IRS that confirms the EIN is acceptable.

State sales tax exemption and state nonprofit registrations are governed by different parties and do NOT fulfill this federal requirement. 

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